Writing in Japanese

You need to start by learning the basics of writing in Japanese if you will like to know how to write in the language. Japanese is among languages spoken in the Asian continent. You need to take time and learn the basics just like any other language if you will like to become fluent in the language. The language involves use of kanji characters and phonetic scripts. In order to know how to write in the language, you need to start by learning simple words. You can buy books which are meant for starters from where you will learn simple words and proceed till you master the language. At first, it can seem hard, but with time you will finally know how to write and read in Japanese.

Basics of writing in Japanese

Memorize the hiragana script

The script is used in the Japanese language. It accounts for every sound in the language. There are 46 characters in hiragana script. Each character represents a vowel and consonant. You can use the hiragana to write expressions and words. You need to take time and memorize each hiragana script so that you can apply it in all your writing exercises in Japanese. If possible, you can look for a tutor who will teach you on how you can easily memorize different characters in Japanese.

Study the katakana script

The katakana script consists of 46 symbols. The symbols create the same phonetic sound and hiragana script. The symbols are used for words which originated from other languages. The symbols are very helpful when trying to write or read about things such as Halloween. There are no vowels in Japanese language, all katakana are denoted by a dash. The script can take you weeks to learn but finally you will master it.

Study the characters in a handwritten font

Sometimes computer fonts will look different from handwritten fonts. In order to avoid confusion, start by learning handwritten fonts. Try to memorize as many scripts as possible when learning the fonts so that it will be easier for you to apply the scripts when writing in your own handwriting. Practice each day till you memorize all the 46 scripts.

Practice the proper stroke order

Stroke order is necessary to help you write faster. Try to write characters top to bottom then left to right. Horizontal strokes should be made before vertical strokes. Shapes should be made on the middle while doing strokes on the sides. Where dots or smaller strokes will be required, they should come last. Try to memorize the right angle for each stroke.

Write a sentence

Try to write simple sentences. Always start by writing in hiragana unless there are imported words. When writing verbs, nouns and adjectives use kanji. Always use the proper kanji if you decide to write using kanji. The strokes should be kept at the right angles.

Write in semi-cursive or cursive

If you will like to write faster, you can write in semi cursive or cursive. After you have mastered stroke orders, you can start writing characters in semi cursive or cursive. You need to be persistent so that you will master the writing skills.

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